A collection of poetry and prose

inspired by a lifetime of travel

Globejotter Cover Art

by Tricia Veale

Published by Bookworm Press




Adventures of Firestar on The Great Barrier Reef

Written and illustrated by

Elle Jaye Farren

Published by Clovers Publishers

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The Hybrid: And the Lost Tails of Mermirran

by Suellen Drysdale

The Hybrid: And the Lost tales of Meriman Cover Art

Suellen is a member of the GV Writers’ Group

and has written several children’s novels, including

The Hybrid: And the Lost Tails of Mermirran and its sequel,

The Hybrid: And the Emeralds of Elisar (to be published in 2013).

Book Two in the series

The Hybrid and the Emeralds of Elisar

now available

To purchase visit: http://www.suellendrysdale.com

Strings of Life: Poems by Helene Castles

Strings of Life Cover

Published by Ginninderra Press

Now available


Helene Castles on 0358 291038 or Ginninderra Press.

‘One reason for writing in verse is that it is a deeply personal way of communicating. Helene Castles’ collection illustrates this quite superbly.
This poet has her own engaging and gently perceptive voice.
The wording of her poetry is reflective and ideally chosen to
convey whatever she chooses to share about
her life experiences.’ – Patrick Crudden.

Sundance of Shadow

The collected poems of Kylie Oakes

Kylie Oakes discovered her gift for poetry early and at the age of fourteen won first and second prizes in a competition offered for juniors by the Sunraysia branch of the Fellowship of Australian Writers. As time passed Kylie continued to write perceptive, probing poetry until she achieved something close to perfection in her preferred writing style. Her legacy consists of more than 120 poems, many of them gathered in chronological order by Kylie herself and many retrieved from desk drawers, computers, manila folders and the magazine Tamba, to which she contributed regularly until her death at the age of thirty-two in 2006.

Sundance of Shadow Cover Image


City woman on a train

She sits in the corner

barricaded in

by her shopping trolley

Mature, well-groomed, tall

back straight against the wall

Reading a book called

The Strength In Us All

with sad intensity


deep eyes

burgundy skies

long flowing river

the cat prowls

these are the eyes

that awed pharaohs

the soft paws

that lost dynasties of kings

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