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Tamba Issue 64 - Digital Edition $5

Tamba 64 Cover

Welcome to Tamba Issue 64

Hello and welcome to Tamba 64. We are delighted to be bringing you another vibrant selection of poetry and prose with lots of familiar voices and a few pieces from writers we haven’t published before. As much as we love hearing from our regulars it’s always good to have new voices joining the Tamba community.
The Editor   Pat Patt

Tamba Issue 63 - Digital Edition $5

TambaCover63Welcome to Tamba Issue 63

What a fabulous selection of writing we have had to choose from, over 100 submissions! Thank you to all the writers who sent their work to us. We feel privileged to be entrusted with your writing. Please note that we now welcome email submissions and also please remember to limit your submissions to three poems and/or two pieces of prose.

The Editor   Pat Patt

Tamba Issue 62 - Digital Edition $5

Tamba 62 Cover Image
Welcome to Tamba Issue 62

We were delighted with the very large number of submissions we received for this issue and are happy to bring you work from some writers who we haven’t featured before. It made selecting just enough for our 48 pages even more difficult than usual and there was some excellent work submitted that we didn’t have room for. We were also pleased to have submissions form a year 7 student, Sanuda Diyagama. His thoughtful ‘Lent Poem’ is on page 30.

The Editor   Pat Patt

Tamba Issue 59 - Digital Edition

Welcome to Tamba Issue 59

We hope you enjoy the writing we have selected. Choosing the pieces to be included was an even more difficult task than usual as we had so much great writing to consider. Thank you to the contributors and the committee for the excellent content of this issue, to our sponsors for their ongoing support and to the Greater Shepparton City Council for funding through the Community Arts Grants Program. As the next issue will be number 60 we have decided to produce a bumper celebratory issue to mark reaching such a milestone. Until then enjoy Issue 59 and have a safe and joyful new year.

The Editor   Pat Patt

Tamba Issue 61 - Digital Edition $5

Tamba 61 Cover Image
Welcome to Tamba Issue 61

We hope that you enjoyed our bumper 60th edition. We wondered if we would get as many contributions to this issue after the previous bumper issue, but our lovely writers did not let us down and we were delighted to hear from some new contributors. We were very pleased when David Kelly reviewed ‘As the twig is bent ...’ by Norman Weaver for this issue. As always, thank you to our loyal sponsors. We are very grateful for their support and encourage our readers to support these businesses whenever possible.

The Editor   Pat Patt

Tamba Issue 58 - Digital Edition

Tamba 58 Cover Image
Welcome to Tamba Issue 57

Since the first issue in 1992 Tamba, like many other literary journals, has always struggled to survive financially. This year we have obtained some Community Arts Grant funding from Greater Shepparton City Council. We are very grateful for their support. Most good creative writing is like an iceberg. What the writer puts on the page is just the tip. The reader is left free to imagine the rest of the story, the charactersmotivations, past histories, relationships etc, for themselves. Thus everyones picture for any given piece is unique. This is what readers love and why, in this age of visual media, we still turn to our books and poetry for a more stimulating escapism.

 The Editor   Pat Patt