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Tamba Issue 59 - Digital Edition
Welcome to Tamba Issue 59

We hope you enjoy the writing we have selected. Choosing the pieces to be included was an even more difficult task than usual as we had so much great writing to consider. Thank you to the contributors and the committee for the excellent content of this issue, to our sponsors for their ongoing support and to the Greater Shepparton City Council for funding through the Community Arts Grants Program. As the next issue will be number 60 we have decided to produce a bumper celebratory issue to mark reaching such a milestone. Until then enjoy Issue 59 and have a safe and joyful new year.

The Editor   Pat Patt

Tamba Issue 58 - Digital Edition

Welcome to Tamba Issue 57

Since the first issue in 1992 Tamba, like many other literary journals, has always struggled to survive financially. This year we have obtained some Community Arts Grant funding from Greater Shepparton City Council. We are very grateful for their support. Most good creative writing is like an iceberg. What the writer puts on the page is just the tip. The reader is left free to imagine the rest of the story, the charactersmotivations, past histories, relationships etc, for themselves. Thus everyones picture for any given piece is unique. This is what readers love and why, in this age of visual media, we still turn to our books and poetry for a more stimulating escapism.

                                                                       The Editor   Pat Patt

Tamba Issue 57 - Digital Edition

Tamba Cover 57
Welcome to Tamba Issue 57

We are dedicating this issue to the memory of Lois Oakes who passed away recently.  We all miss her very much and organising the mail-out of Tamba from somewhere other than Lois's boardroom table will feel very strange. I will leave it to two contributors, Lois's son, Julian, and Robyn Black to tell you more about Lois and about her vital contribution to Tamba and the Goulburn Valley Writers' Group.

The Editor   Pat Patt

Tamba Issue 56 - Digital Edition

Tamba Issue 56
Welcome to Tamba Issue 56

It's winter and we must readjust our lives to keep warm and enjoy the good things such as the winter edition of Tamba.
We've had some changes to our committee since the last issue. Greg Cochrane and Rae McLean have both left us as they are busy with other things. We thank them for the time and effort they gave Tamba. Two new members, Creagh Manning and Lisa Norman have joined the committee. Two new fresh voices and points of view to help with our selection process and two more pairs of hands to share the tasks involved in the production and delivery of our magazine.

The Editor
   Pat Patt

Tamba Issue 55 - Digital Edition

Welcome to Tamba Issue 55

At one point I thought I might be writing Tamba’s last editorial as our dwindling fortunes had dwindled to a critical point, but a generous benefactor stepped in with a magnificent donation to help. Issue 55 is back to Tamba’s usual plumpness. We are pleased to welcome several new contributors along with many of our regular writers. This issue contains a couple of different short forms of prose; some ‘Paragraphs’ from David Kelly and a micro-story (50 words) from Margaret Mitchell. We also have fiction, memoir, long and short poems and book reviews so hopefully all tastes are catered for.

The Editor   Pat Patt

Tamba Issue 54 - Digital Edition

Welcome to Tamba Issue 54

I’m sure some writers feel at their most creative with an empty page in front of them and a favourite writing implement in the hand, or sat at a trusty typewriter. 
Many writers nowadays enjoy the convenience of technology, the ease with which we can edit a piece of work, the ability to store multiple versions of a piece of writing to be able to choose the one we think is best, or the slickness of cutting and pasting the best bits together.

In keeping with this ‘Tamba’ will now accept submissions electronically – just email them to:

The Editor   Pat Patt

Tamba Issue 53 - Digital Edition

Tamba Issue 53

Welcome to Tamba Issue 53

It has been a while since Tamba has had a Youth Section as we have received very little work from young people. We are therefore delighted to have the work of two teenagers and one writer just out of their teens in this issue. We were so impressed by the quality of their writing we felt that it should be included in the body of Tamba rather than placed in a section of its own. I wonder if you will be able to pick out the younger writers. We hope we will be able to bring you more of their work over coming issues.

The Editor
Pat Patt

Tamba Issue 52 - Digital Edition
Tamba 52 Cover image

Welcome to Tamba Issue 52

The last few months have been exciting ones for the Goulburn Valley Writers’ Group with two of our members publishing their first books.  How wonderful to see the results of all your hard work in print. Also the Tamba committee is pleased to welcome a new member, Greg Cochrane. It’s good to have a new perspective on the submissions we receive and to hear his comments and input to the editorial process. We hope Greg will enjoy being part of Tamba as much as the rest of us.

The Editor
Pat Patt

Tamba Issue 51
Digital Edition

Tamba Issue 50 Cover Graphic
Tamba Issue 50
Digital Edition